Risk Monitoring Platform

The Cybersprint Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM) Platform is developed by Cybersprint as the first European platform that gives organizations real-time insight into the visible and hidden online vulnerabilities and risks.

Digital Risk is not limited to technical risk. It concerns all online risks related to your organization which can harm your business, employees and reputation. Therefore it is essential to get 24/7 insight into your online Digital Risk channels:


  • IP’s
  • domains
  • subdomains
  • (forgotten) websites
  • certificates
  • Prevent CEO-fraud
  • Detect & prevent data leaks
  • Detect & takedown phishing websites
  • Detect Shadow IT


  • ASN’s
  • netblocks
  • ports
  • Monitor for rogue network announcements
  • Identify online network security issues

Mobile apps

  • Mobile apps
  • rogue mobile apps
  • Identify your official and unofficial apps on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Mobile and Android (over 168 appstores)
  • Detect & takedown fake mobile apps on the platforms mentioned above

Social media

  • Social media accounts
  • malware campaigns
  • harassment
  • Detect & takedown fake or copy-cat accounts
  • Map your entire social media presence
  • Scan for bad security settings on social media profiles


  • Password leaks
  • leaked data files
  • Search & takedown dataleaks related to your organization
  • Find password leaks related to your employees
  • Detect “doxing” through pastebin and other data dump websites
  • Discover counterfeit products


  • Internet connected devices
  • industrial plants
  • Scan for Internet-connected Internet of Things devices
  • Find misconfigured Industrial Control Systems
  • Prevent unsecured Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems takeover
  • Discover new IoT-malware

Cybersprint helps you to discover the hidden risks in the ever changing digital landscape and to restore possible breaches, to prevent cybersecurity incidents from happening.

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