Brand Protection: protecting your organisation’s value

A good reputation is one of the most important assets for any company. That’s why many organisations invest a lot in building a positive and trustworthy brand identity. Strengthened by the emergence of a digital society, online visibility is of growing relevance for organisations that range from local to multinational. Like with every opportunity, there is also a downside. Strong brand names are immensely prone to abuse. Therefore, brand protection is becoming increasingly important.

Brand Protection

If you are in e-commerce, finance or luxury goods, your brand is especially vulnerable to malpractice. Misuse of a brand is not easily discovered though: web shops are imitated behind the scenes, fake coupons are distributed or social media accounts are created using your name (usually a variation) and your organisation’s logo. Examples are:

In general, organisations with a greater online presence are at higher risk for potential brand abuse or hacking attempts. Organisations that have insufficient insight in their actual digital footprint are especially vulnerable to successful hacking attempts.

Monitoring brand abuse

Most organisations respond to cases of brand abuse when the damage to their brand has already been done. However, pro-actively taking care of brand protection on a day-to-day basis is a new challenge. Therefore, real-time monitoring is of utmost importance to protect both organisations and brands, especially those prone to abuse.

Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Monitoring Platform is the first platform in Europe that provides insight into online vulnerabilities using nothing but your brand name. This innovative Brand Protection solution continuously scans the Internet, social media, app stores and the dark web in search of any type of cyber risk that could be related to your brand.

24/7 Brand Protection

Our platform is easy to use, all we need is your brand name, brand logo and/or product names. The advanced system maps your online footprint and searches for risks in known, hidden and fake online access points, which could leave your organisation vulnerable to outside interference. Examples are:

The platform automatically creates a comprehensive overview of all results, analysed as well as prioritised. Realtime brand protection enables you to stay on top of potential danger and take whatever measures required to prevent your brand from becoming a victim of abuse. The platform is suitable for all organisations: from small businesses to large corporates.

‘We make the invisible visible’

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Brand Protection