Did you know last week 13400 websites were hacked?

And did you know that most of these websites are still spreading malicious messages or malware content? The online reputation of their owners is at stake and they are at risk of becoming a trending topic on social media.

Cybersprint helps to make the internet a safer place. We immediately notify our customers of hacks, so they can take direct action, before users or search engines will notice anything.

Stay one Cybersprint ahead!

How does it work?

Real-time monitoring

Your website is monitored in real-time for behavioral and visual changes. Every change, even the slightest, is evaluated by our bank-grade malware analysis and defacement detection engine.

Hacks can be well-hidden

By monitoring the behavior of your website intelligently and systematically, changes that will have a negative impact on your reputation are discovered within milliseconds.

The impact of hacks

On average, it takes 8 hours for hacks to be detected, and all this time it will be visible to your customers and to Google. Customers will talk negatively about your brand and competitors will take over your search engine ranking. Cybersprint can notify you of an incident within seconds.

Hack resolution

After we notify you, your skilled IT-personnel can resolve the situation immediately. You are now one Cybersprint ahead.

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